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Rubber linings are applied in all kinds of different anticorrosion protection systems.We are able to carry out complete on site or lining workshop lining installations(steelor concrete surface). Whether New installations or maintenance; we provideprofessional service and products to all our clients.The polymers of the rubber sheet are NR, IIR, CIIR, BIIR, CR, IR. There are 2 types ofrubber sheet that can be manufactured, soft and hard, the thickness of eachdepending on the requirement/project, ranges between 2-8mm. Single or doublerubber sheet that has been vulcanized in an autoclave (pre-vulcanized) beforeapplication can bestoredatnormaltemperatures. Self- vulcanized rubber sheet mustbe stored in a cool place between manufacture andapplication.
Rubber sheet is not only protects against the chemical action of acids, alkalis, salsolutions, water vapor and various chemicals. Moreover, rubber linings withstand frequent stresses of mechanical origin, such as pressure, abrasion, etc. the best result against more aggressive media ore mechanical wear is achieved if the rubber lining iscombined with bricks or tiles as the ultimate surface protection.


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